PVC Columns
Custom PVC Columns - Square & Craftsman PVC Columns

Turnkey Millwork, the originator and industry leader in the manufacture of Cellular PVC columns, has the widest offering of standard and custom PVC column sizes available today. We offer all the "standard" sizes that you are accustomed to seeing in the marketplace; but our great strength is our custom capabilities. We can produce any of our "standard" styles in completely custom sizes. Rarely is a "standard" length the final dimension of a column. Most times, a column must be cut to a shorter finished length to accommodate the actual beam or ceiling height.

With our state-of-the art manufacturing capabilities, Turnkey Millwork can make your columns and column wraps to the precise length you need. This eliminates the extra work required for an installer to cut columns to different lengths and also maintains the aesthetic detailing in the original column design. You no longer have to settle for overly large clearances between panels or fluting and the ornamental base, to accommodate cutting a "standard" length column to a shorter length.

Additionally, Turnkey Millwork can make completely custom designs and adapt installation configurations to address the specific aesthetic and installation-method needs of your particular project. If you are a custom builder, a signature column that is unique to your brand will add dramatically to the curb appeal of your houses and will create a recurring visual theme that potential buyers will recognize and identify with your homes.

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