Custom PVC Columns
Custom PVC Columns by Turnkey Millwork

Turnkey Millwork, the originator and industry leader in the manufacture of miter-folded Cellular PVC columns, has the widest offering of custom PVC columns available today. We pride ourselves on being able to make completely custom designs and adapt installation configurations to address the specific aesthetic and installation-method requirements of your particular project.

Turnkey Millwork built its reputation on the superior quality, design, and value of its custom columns. We were the first in the industry to manufacture a miter-folded square Cellular PVC column. We were also the first to manufacture a miter-folded Cellular PVC tapered square Craftsman column.

Here is a list of some of the custom columns we have made for customers in the past:

In addition to our totally custom columns, we can produce any of our "standard" styles in completely custom sizes. With our custom capabilities, we can manufacture our "standard" designs in non-standard widths. And rarely is a "standard" length the final dimension of a column. Most times a column must be cut to a shorter finished length to accommodate the actual beam or ceiling height. With our state-of-the art manufacturing capabilities, we can produce any of our "standard" column styles in custom lengths to maintain the integrity of the columns proportions and design. This also eliminates the extra work required for an installer to cut columns to different lengths.. You no longer have to settle for overly large clearances between panels or fluting and the ornamental base, to accommodate cutting a "standard" length column to a shorter length.

And if you are a custom builder, consider a signature column to use on your houses. A signature column is a design Turnkey Millwork produces exclusively for your company that is unique to your brand will add dramatically to the curb appeal of your houses. A signature column creates a recurring visual theme that potential buyers will recognize and identify with your homes.

Cap & Base Options for Standard Columns

Turnkey Millwork offers 12 cap and base options for our standard columns. You may also use any of these for your custom columns. If you prefer, you may also mix and match the 12 styles and use one style for the cap and another for the base. If none of these choices meets your needs, we can provide you with fully custom caps and bases. When you order a custom column, the cap and base set will be included in the price.

Custom caps and bases may also be ordered separately to use on existing columns. Just specify the width of the existing column shaft and your choice of cap and base to fit around it.

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Features and Benefits
  • Easy installation

  • Unlimited sizes available

  • Waterproof - unaffected by water or high humidity

  • Unaffected by salt

  • Reduced maintenance

  • Impervious to insects

  • Flame retardant - will not support combustion

  • Cellular PVC material is energy efficient to produce, recyclable

  • Consistent quality

  • Will not chip, warp, peel or splinter

  • Can be painted with acrylic paint or oil-based paint

  • Innovative installation solutions

Ordering Information

Key information needed to order standard columns:

  • Column length

  • Column shaft width (or diameter)

  • Column shape - tapered-craftsman or non-tapered pedestal

  • Load-bearing (structural) or Non-Load-Bearing (wrapping an existing post)

  • Column style - plain, raised panel, recessed panel

  • Column Quantities

  • Graphic Image of Custom Column - drawing, photo, magazine image, sketch

  • It is absolute fidelity to your desired design required or are you open to "value engineering" to reduce your cost but maintain the "look" you want?

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Warranty Information

Contact Turnkey Millwork for warranty information for this product at 1.888.782.3908, or via the form on our Contact Page.

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