Custom Cellular PVC Pergolas
Custom Cellular PVC Pergolas by Turnkey Millwork

Turnkey Millwork has the greatest custom pergola manufacturing capability of anyone in the industry. Our custom Cellular PVC pergolas are sold as complete, pre-cut kits, ready to be installed. There are unlimited custom sizes available in both free-standing and attached configurations. Free-standing pergolas require columns at all corners. Attached pergolas require columns at free standing corners, but not where the pergola attaches to your house or building.

Custom Cellular PVC pergola kits include all components to build a complete pergola EXCEPT columns. Unlike many other pergola providers, columns for Turnkey Millwork custom pergolas are sold separately from the pergola structure. This allows you have the largest selection of columns to choose from. You may use any column style or size that Turnkey Millwork manufactures. You may choose from one of our many standard columns or a fully custom column design for your particular project. Providing the pergola separately from the columns also allows you to use your own columns that may already be in place.

The column most commonly uses with our pergolas is our tapered round fiberglass column, with Tuscan cap and base. This column is 10 inches in diameter and 8' tall. This is the minimum diameter that we recommend to ensure your pergola has proper proportions. Round columns that are smaller than 10" in diameter tend to look too small on a pergola. If you choose square columns, we recommend a minimum shaft width of 8 inches to achieve proper proportions. For the ultimate in custom design, you may also have a pergola with decorative elements of the columns integrated with the decorative elements of beam structure. In this case, the columns and pergola structure are designed as a unique and fully integrated unit and is sold as a complete package. You literally have unlimited options.


We will have a detailed discussion with you or your contractor to determine what if any special parts will be required for your project. All components and hardware that you need are normally included in our custom Cellular PVC pergola kits, unless you have specified otherwise in the design discussions. Any installation parts that will be required, but not provided by Turnkey Millwork will be clearly noted in our quotation. Otherwise, your custom pergola kit includes all accessories required for assembly.

Installation Information

The installation time required for a Turnkey Millwork custom Cellular PVC pergola depends on the size and complexity of the pergola. A typical rectangular pergola up to 20' long can usually be installed in one weekend. Larger sizes and more complex designs will probably require more time. Turnkey Millwork provides you with instructions with every pergola. Often, with a very custom pergola, the installation system will be unique to that particular structure. Our technical sales staff stands ready to assist you if you have any questions that are not addressed adequately by the installation instructions and diagrams. Standard carpentry tools and a step ladder are usually all that are required to perform a successful installation.

More complex pergolas may require professional installation. We will be advise you during design discussions whether your pergola is suitable for a DIY installation or if you will likely need some professional help.

Features and Benefits
  • Custom detailing - Pergola structure has the appearance of premium wooden pergola with none of the maintenance issues.

  • Aluminum reinforcement completely concealed within the structural components to eliminate sagging

  • Easy installation - Installation systems are thoroughly thought out and designed for your particular pergola

  • Waterproof - unaffected by water or high humidity

  • Can be painted with acrylic paint or oil based paint

  • Large range of sizes available

  • Unaffected by salt

  • Impervious to insects

  • Flame retardant - will not support combustion

  • Cellular PVC is energy efficient to produce, recyclable

  • Consistent quality

  • Will not chip, warp, peel or splinter

  • Curved and arched shapes available

  • No pre-set structural component sizes. Turnkey Millwork custom Cellular PVC pergolas are truly made to order specifically for you and your project.

Ordering Information
  • Pergola type desired - Custom Cellular PVC

  • Pergola size desired - Overall Length x Width dimensions of beam/rafter structure

  • Pergola shape and dimensions - Provide sketch or drawing showing perimeter of pergola with dimensions

  • Graphic image of pergola (if available) - Drawing, photo, magazine image, sketch showing desired features

  • Column Height - This is the relevant vertical dimension when there ARE NO overhead obstructions, such as a roof overhang, balcony, or window.

  • Maximum Height to topmost part of the pergola - This is the relevant vertical dimension when there ARE overhead obstructions such as a roof overhang, balcony, or window. Columns will be cut to length to accommodate the maximum height of the pergola.

  • Column type and size

  • Column Length

  • Column Shaft Width (or Diameter)

  • Column Shape -Round Tapered,, Square Non-tapered or Tapered Craftsman

  • Column Style - Plain, Fluted, Raised Panel, Recessed Panel

  • Graphic Image of Custom Column - Drawing, Photo, Magazine Image, Sketch

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Warranty Information

Contact Turnkey Millwork for warranty information for this product at 1.888.782.3908, or via the form on our Contact Page.

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