Custom Millwork
Custom Cellular PVC Rail Panels for PVC Porch Railing Systems by Turnkey Millwork

Custom rail panels give a custom look to any porch rail system. Imagine an intricate pattern made out of a single piece of material that never needs replacement and can go for a decade or more without painting. At Turnkey Millwork, we use state-of-the-art computerized machinery to cut complex patterns and produce beautiful, durable porch railing panels.

Turnkey Millwork uses Cellular PVC, to produce these beautifully intricate designs that often are not able to be produced in wood. We have the ability to cut decorative panels that fit in between your standard railing pickets. For an even more custom look, we can cut entire rail sections out of a single piece of Cellular PVC that incorporates one or more decorative panels, along with adjacent straight pickets.

Cellular PVC is an ideal material for these intricate applications, providing all the custom design possibilities of wood, but with superior weather resistance and longevity. Additionally, we can produce arched and circular patterns in the rail panels that are not possible with wood. Cellular PVC will not rot, chip, warp, peel or splinter, and it is impervious to insects. The one-piece construction eliminates problem of individual pickets or details breaking off as they age. With our state-of-the art manufacturing facility and our highly skilled craftsmen, we are ready to craft custom rail panels made of Cellular PVC that will fit your style and set your home apart from the rest.

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