Vinyl Pergolas - Standard
Standard Vinyl Pergolas & Vinyl Pergola Kits

Our standard vinyl pergolas are sold as complete, pre-cut kits, ready for you to assemble. There are over 70 standard sizes available in both free-standing and attached configurations. Free-standing pergolas require four columns. Attached pergolas require only 2 columns, because one side of the pergola is attached to your house or building. Please see the architectural drawing for the pergola size that you are interested in. If you would like different rafter spacing or a non-standard size or shape, please see our Custom Vinyl Pergola section for more information. [...Get Prices]

Turnkey Millwork standard vinyl pergola kits include all components you need to build a complete pergola, INCLUDING columns. The columns included in our standard vinyl pergola kits are our 8 inch diameter, 90 inch tall, tapered round vinyl columns, with Tuscan cap and base. The pergola kits include special lids for the column caps with mounting blocks to which the pergola support beams are attached. Also included are special column mounting brackets developed by Turnkey Millwork to ensure a stable, secure installation of the pergola columns.


All components and hardware that you need are included in our standard vinyl pergola kits. No additional accessories are required.

Installation Information

Our standard vinyl pergolas can usually be installed in one weekend. Turnkey Millwork provides you with easy to follow instructions with every pergola. Standard carpentry tools and a step ladder are all that's required to perform a successful installation.

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Features and Benefits
  • Easy installation

  • Waterpoof - unaffected by water or high humidity

  • Maintains the appearance for the life of the product

  • Color stable

  • Large range of sizes available

  • Unaffected by salt

  • Impervious to insects

  • Flame retardant - will not support combustion

  • Vinyl is energy efficient to produce, recyclable

  • Consistent quality

  • Will not chip, warp, peel or splinter

Ordering Information

Key information needed:

  • Pergola type desired - Vinyl or Cellular PVC Pergola

  • Pergola size desired - Overall Length x Width dimensions of beam/rafter structure

  • Pergola shape - Provide sketch or drawing showing perimeter of pergola with dimensions

  • Graphic image of pergola (if available) - Drawing, photo, magazine image, sketch showing desired features

  • Column Height - This is the relevant vertical dimension when there ARE NO overhead obstructions, such as a roof overhang, balcony, or window.

  • Maximum Height to topmost part of the pergola - This is the relevant vertical dimension when there ARE overhead obstructions such as a roof overhang, balcony, or window. Columns will be cut to length to accommodate the maximum height of the pergola.

  • Column type and size

  • Column Length

  • Column Shaft Width (or Diameter)

  • Column Shape -Round Tapered,, Square Non-tapered or Tapered Craftsman

  • Column Style - Plain, Fluted, Raised Panel, Recessed Panel

  • Graphic Image of Custom Column - Drawing, Photo, Magazine Image, Sketch

  • Is absolute fidelity to your desired design required or are you open to "value engineering" to reduce your cost but maintain the "look" you want?

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Warranty Information

Contact Turnkey Millwork for warranty information for this product at 1.888.782.3908, or via the form on our Contact Page.

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