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At Turnkey Millwork, our focus is on the design and manufacture of high-quality custom cellular PVC columns and exterior millwork products. But "custom" does not have to mean "expensive". We pride ourselves on being able to skillfully value engineer the designs you want and give you beautiful, low-maintenance millwork at affordable prices. And in addition to our custom products, we also have a full complement of "standard" column and pergola designs and sizes.

Turnkey Millwork products can all be purchased through our network of dealers and distributors. Our friendly and technically proficient sales staff will be happy to assist you decide on the right product and then guide you to the right supplier, from whom to purchase our products.

By their nature, custom millwork products are made for your specific building or home. There are times when a "standard" or off-the-shelf product may work just as well as a custom one. In these situations, the use of a "standard" size and design will likely result in a cost savings to you and a satisfactory result. But then, there are other times, when a custom product is the only correct choice. In these instances the size, proportions, installation conditions, or custom design may prevent you from using a "standard" product and achieving the desired result. One of our jobs at Turnkey Millwork is to make sure you are matched with a product that suits your design requirements and budget. You should view Turnkey Millwork as your partner in this process.

We are committed to having the complete, relevant, and accurate information we need to design and quote your project accurately, and manufacture your millwork with no errors or delays. Our technical sales staff is made up of people with extensive hands-on experience in the building and millwork trades. Our commitment to your getting the right product often means that we need to learn specific details about your project. This information cannot be communicated casually. It originates with the Millwork Decision Maker. The information needed may include architectural drawings, field measurements, photographs of field conditions, or hand drawn sketches that represent what you desire. Generally, the Millwork Decision Maker is the End User who is purchasing the columns or millwork for the building. That person may be the homeowner, general contractor, or installation contractor... whoever is directly involved with the technical building or installation tasks. In some instances, a brief conversation with the Millwork Decision Maker will be all we need to get the information we require. In other cases, we may additionally need to speak with the architect, designer, homeowner, or installation contractor. It depends on the complexity of the millwork and the availability of complete information.

While you will likely purchase Turnkey Millwork products through a salesman at your building products dealer or distributor, we strongly encourage you to contact Turnkey Millwork directly about your millwork needs so we can talk directly with the Millwork Decision Maker and ensure that you get the right product for your project. This eliminates communication errors and omissions that can occur when too many people are relaying information back and forth. Once we have determined your specific needs, we will then work with your building products salesman to get the products to you in an efficient manner.

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