PVC Pergolas, Arbors and Trellises
PVC Pergolas, Arbors and Trellises by Turnkey Millwork

Modern day pergolas, arbors and trellises trace their origins back to the Renaissance. They can take a simple garden design and turn it into a graceful and beautiful area to be admired and appreciated. The terms "arbor" and "pergola" are often used interchangeably to describe a similar garden structure, but a pergola is much more elaborate and substantial than an arbor. A small walk through or sitting structure is usually referred to it as an arbor. Arbors and pergolas can be either functional or purely ornamental. Trellises are usually latticework or fence-type assemblies mounted to walls or posts.

Pergolas consist of parallel colonnades and provide shade for a large outdoor seating area or walkway. Custom pergolas may incorporate elaborate elements such as curved beams or arched rafters. Pergolas may be free-standing or have one or more sides attached to a building. Free-standing pergolas have columns located at all the corners. Beams (also called lintels) sit on top of the columns and connect them together. The beams act as the main support structure for the rest of the pergola. Rafters are mounted on top of the beams and run perpendicular to their direction. Purlins may or may not be added to provide additional shade. When incorporated into a pergola, purlins run in the same direction as the beams and attach to the tops of the rafters. With large pergolas, additional columns will be used at regular intervals to support their extra-long beams. Pergolas are designed to support climbing plants and may or may not have latticework incorporated into the design of the open roof. A pergola provides a restful area in the garden to sit and contemplate. To some degree, an established pergola will protect against the weather and will provide shade and shelter from sun and wind.

An arbor is a three-dimensional freestanding structure with open sides and decorative latticework. It usually frames an entrance to a garden or walkway; or it may sit in a shaded corner. An arbor typically has an arched roof structure. Plants grow up the sides and over the top of an arbor weaving through the decorative latticework or slats. An arbor can also incorporate a gates or bench and also may have a floor.

A trellis is typically a decorative lattice built to support climbing plants or vines. It can be a simple panel attached between two posts or to the side of a building. Or it can be a freestanding decorative fence in a garden or yard.

Turnkey Millwork offers the largest selection of pergolas, arbors and trellises available to meet your design needs and your budget. We manufacture pergolas made of both reinforced Cellular PVC and hollow vinyl. In both materials, we have a comprehensive range of standard sizes. Additionally, Turnkey Millwork has complete custom capabilities in reinforced Cellular PVC pergolas, and semi-custom capabilities in hollow vinyl pergolas. Arbors and trellises are made of cellular PVC and can be made to any design. We will be happy to help you choose the garden structure that meets all your criteria so you end up with the right product for your project.

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