Vinyl or Cellular PVC Pergolas?
Pergola Materials - Vinyl vs. Cellular PVC

Today many consumers are looking for low-maintenance materials that can weather the outdoors. As outdoor living becomes a staple in backyards across America, many people want to add style to this new area of living. Pergola, arbors, and gazebos are being built to accomplish this task. The latest in building materials, that incorporate style yet provide low-maintenance, are vinyl and cellular PVC. Both vinyl and cellular PVC are low-maintenance materials and can stand up to the elements; however these materials have some significant differences after that.

A vinyl product will last for years, but will not have the characteristics of wood. Vinyl extrusions are glossy in appearance and hollow. Vinyl pergolas are not intended to be painted, and over time, exposure to the elements will cause vinyl pergolas to fade slightly. The beams and rafters of vinyl pergolas have decorative scrolled ends that come as separate parts and are attached in the field. They do not have the seamless appearance of decorative ends machined into one-piece timbers. [...Get Prices]

Cellular PVC products, like vinyl products, will last for years, but unlike vinyl, you can machine, fabricate and work with cellular PVC in much the same way as you do wood. When you build a pergola out of cellular PVC, the finished product will have crisp, machined edges and the scrolled ends are machined into the pergola components as they are in traditional millwork. There are no add-on decorative ends that require fitting in the field. Our cellular PVC pergola components are solid throughout with integrated, concealed, aluminum reinforcement that will not rust, swell, or twist. The aluminum and stainless steel hardware we provide is powder-coated white. When your pergola is assembled, the hardware is concealed from view. We offer a high quality, low-maintenance, and long lasting product made from cellular PVC that will keep your backyard looking amazing for years to come. [...Get Prices]

Cellular PVC can be painted with 100% acrylic latex paint. A household cleaner should be used prior to painting. Cellular PVC products do not absorb moisture, so they are not subject to the moisture cycling that is a major cause of paint failure on wood. When applied according to the paint manufacturers' instructions, cellular PVC trim products typically hold paint for many years.

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